The "snail mail" catcher for mail slots!


• Catches the mail and holds it neatly above the floor.

• Easily installed.  No tools necessary!

• Fits all standard, horizontal mail slots - magazine & letter size.

• Is made of luxurious, machine washable suede with embroidery.

• Comes in 3 neutral colors - chocolate, tan and cream.  And in red/Christmas.

• Keeps mail away from foot traffic, water seepage under the door, and most pets.

• No bending down to pick up your mail off the floor (helpful for the elderly and disabled).

• Space efficient yet holds a hefty amount of mail (quantity & weight).

• Blocks peeping Toms from looking through the slot and privately conceals mail from visitors inside your home/office.

• Easy to access your mail from either side or by pulling down a top corner.

• Resists drafts and can be used with draught excluders too.

• Easy to take down and transport, or to switch between Snail Sakk® colors.

• Great for home, office and garage doors!



A FREE letter opener with magnifier & ruler is included in every package!



Interior Slot Plate:

• For horizontal mail slots only, not vertical.

• For ease of mail insertion, an interior plate or draught excluder without a flap may be preferable.  If so desired, you may remove the flap, replace the plate, or not use a plate (for most people though, this is not at all a necessity).

• Snail Sakk works well with hooded interior plates, but will bulge slightly in appearance.  The hood will also change the distance from which the adhesive, hook fastener strips are placed.  If this is undesirable, then please replace the hood for a flat plate or no plate.

Adhesive Strips:

• Placement: The adhesive, hook fastener strips are standardly placed 3.75" apart.  If needed, there's a leeway of a quarter inch in either direction.

• Surfaces: The adhesive, hook fastener strips that are included adhere well to standard door surfaces - wood (not plywood), pvc, fiberglass, vinyl, glass, and metal.  And endure temperatures between -10 to +220 degrees farenheit.  

Be sure that the surface is clean, dry, and if painted, that it is not bubbling or peeling (In such case, sanding the area of loose particles is recommended.) 

• Drywall:  If using on a drywall surface, please secure the adhesive strips with drywall screws and plugs.  Accessing the mail from the sides rather than pulling down a top corner is also helpful to avoid tugging at the drywall's surface (a thin paper).

• Cleaners:  The adhesive strips should not be exposed to citrus based cleaners, otherwise it will likely reduce the bond.

• Relocating: If relocating your Snail Sakk® to a different door, you'll need an additional pair of adhesive, hook fastener strips.  Extra strips are sold under the "Accessories" tab above.

• Removal: If wishing to remove the adhesive, hook fastener strips from a door, simply apply a liberal amount of Goo Gone to the back of the strip as you pull it off; it will easily come off without removing normal (non-bubbling/non-peeling) paint from your door.


• After removing from packaging, you can iron the Snail Sakk® of any folding creases.  While in use, the sakk is very wrinkle resistant.


• A tight sealing flap on your exterior mail slot plate is helpful in reducing drafts.  See  the "Mail Slots & Draught Excluders" tab above for a list of appropriate retailers.

• Installing either an interior draught excluder (without flap) or exterior one (with flap) will also help to block drafts.   


• As an additional deterrent for particularly tenacious pets, you may wish to spray Bitter Apple (from a pet store) onto the sakk, or add a baby gate or training.



• One Snail Sakk® (16.25" x 21.75")

• Two adhesive, hook fastener strips (14.25" x 1" each)

• One letter opener with magnifier and ruler (4.29" x 2.8")



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We're having a sale on "2nd Quality" Snail Sakks.  These are items with, minor to moderate, flawed embroidery or blemishes on the fabric (sometimes a thin line of adhesive that may be removable by placing a paper towel over top and ironing), or other imperfections.  

Buy one at 20% OFF each.  

Buy two at 35% OFF each.  

If you would like multiple colors (not all the same color), when buying two or more, please denote as such in the "note" section during checkout.  Or email us at immediately upon checkout to let us know which colors you'd like.


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